We Are OpenMYR

Welcome to the official OpenMYR devblog. We look forward to providing you with useful information about the ESP8266 development platform and our upcoming slate of products. Our goal is to provide a range of WiFi-enabled motors to be used in hobbyist projects, home automation, robotics and whatever other applications our imaginative customers can dream up! Furthermore, we wish to provide these products as open-source hardware and software, allowing for our work to be the basis of infinitely-customizable projects.

First organized as a project to develop an open-source 3D printer, OpenMYR is a group of likeminded individuals who love to create, code and challenge ourselves with fascinating projects. Founding members Kyle Berezin, an independent software contractor with a fascination for mechanical systems, and Chris Adams, an electrical engineer, brainstormed wireless motor packages as an innovative Internet of Things project that can solve several design problems using the same software codebase. Brandon Brown, an embedded software programmer finishing his degree at Rochester Institute of Technology, was invited onboard to round out the team. Together we have been working long nights prototyping the first offerings from OpenMYR’s line of open-source wireless motors.

In the coming weeks we plan on posting articles and videos about development using the ESP8266 system-on-a-chip as well as the process of bringing embedded systems projects to life. We hope you join us on our journey from basement startup through our upcoming Kickstarter and beyond.

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